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Maßhemden | Hannover | €80/- alles enthalten

All inclusive. Free Monogram, Free Shipping to Germany. You can order just 1 shirt too. We ship from Hungary so you don't have to worry about any custom duties.

Monogram Initials ____

Monogram Colour 71. Same colour as shirt fabric. 72.Dark Blue 73.Light Blue 74.Red 75.Pink 76.Dark Purple 77.Black 78.Orange 79.White

81. I wear a thin watch, please make Left and Right Cuff the same size.

82. I wear a thick watch, please make the Left Cuff 1 cm bigger to accomodate my watch.

Email us your order to as follows.




Height - 180cms Weight - 95Kgs

1--JT 96065-96 Red Stripes

Shirt Length -- 75cms

Finished Chest -- 50 cms

Finished Stomach -- 42 cms

Finished Bottom -- 50 cms

Sleeves -- 62 cms

Finished Cuff -- 26 cms

Armhole -- 28 cms

Shoulders -- 50 cms

Collar -- 42 cms

Style - 3,21,31,41,52,63,74,81,91,102 Monogram Initials - KS

Also send us 3 photos of yours taken from front, side & back. Preferably wearing a ready made shirt because we know how those are cut and will be able it cut it better to fit you nicely.

Delivary time is around 6 weeks from the time we receive the payment. If we are lucky it could be 4-5 weeks. We try to make it as close as possible to the measurments you send but sometimes slight difference could occur because we have to bring it in shape. If you have any questions feel free to call me at

+36 70 381 7771 (Kenny Surtani)


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